ngweb is specialised in webdesign and our partner since 2013. Webdesigner in Lyon since 1998.
Logo-ligne-RVB Life&You :  our partner in personal development through e-learning accompanying you in daily life.
jo club logo The philosophy of the d’Aïki-jo Bideford Dojo is to enable all to join a martial path: bringing body and mind together on the path to balanced consciousness, strength and energy.
Aiki-ext Aiki Extensions is a non-profit international organisation devoted to applying Aiki principles in daily life through peace education, leadership and post-traumatic restorative practices, etc.
Dialogues “Les Dialogues en Humanités” organises international events on the themes of peace and solidarity. We’re proud to participate in their yearly workshops in Lyon’s splendid Parc de la tête d’or
Your partner for implementing an effective life-work balance. QiViT Solutions offers a variety of training modules on stress management and conflict resolution.
Elisa stern Elisa Stern, founder of “Conscious Leadership for Sustainable Business”
Official Verbal Aikido Facilitator (FR, ES, PT) – Membership and Facilitator Relations, Quality & Learning Materials (Lisbon)