Participants share their VA experience

“Anyone who spends 5 minutes with Luke Archer will be shown ways to improve their life, forever. Inspirational speaker with a message you really need to hear for peace in your time and in your heart.” 

Richard Small, 4th Dan Aikidoka & Aiki jo instructor, England

“I have known Luke for the past five years, as a teacher and also as an adviser for my various projects. With Luke, I’ve improved my abilities in public speaking, negociation, conflict management and pitching. I strongly recommend Luke as a talented teacher in all those fields and invite you to read his ‘Verbal Aikido’ books.”

 Mehdi Bouheddi, Co-founder & CEO at anyFetch.com

“I had the pleasure to meet Luke on two different situations. First when he was our ‘Management of Innovation’ teacher at IMIS, then during ‘Verbal Aikido’ training. In both situations, Luke was very inventive and creative in the way how to implement new ideas, how to come up with solutions. Also, he brings with himself this great capacity to put you in confidence very quickly. Luke is someone with high human sensitiveness that inspires a spirit of teamwork!” 

Ana Paula de Almeida Aranha, Consultant in Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals

“I can only recommend Verbal Aikido training, to ‘get yourself out of’ delicate situations without entering into conflict, justifying yourself or taking things to heart.”

Delphine Locussol, Health Training Professional at Pôle Formation Santé

“I had a chance to accompany Luke in his venture and was overwhelmed by his optimism and go-get-it spirit. So, if you dream to work with an inspiring leader or need an inspiring partner – don’t hesitate to call on Luke!
The theme of his venture is about turning verbal violence into peace (I told you it’s world changing!) – anybody can use it at home, at work and elsewhere. Wanna try it – give Luke a call!”

Leon Rubinstein, Partner at TBK Consult

“Verbal Aikido enables us to be more serene in both our professional and personal lives. It brings well-being, balance and the capacity to be at peace with oneself and others”.

Marie-C. Bellier, Medical Trainer at Pôle Formation Santé

“Always making you use your brain without you knowing it. Excellent speaker, good writer and talented conflict solver. His out-of-the box teaching skills have not only improved my language skills, but my personality as well. Can’t get enough of his teaching.” 

Romain Breschet, Junior Engineer at BPR / TETRATECH Canada

“After training in Verbal Aikido I was empowered to approach conflictual situations serenely. During this training I was able to learn concrete techniques to use in daily life when confronted with verbal attacks, objections and criticisms. Today I am no longer afraid to -dialogue- with people who attack me verbally. Before I had no idea how resolve a conflict, but that was before!” 

Alessia Vonau, CEO at Diléal

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