What is Verbal Aikido?

The way of Ai-ki…

Verbal Aikido is a peaceful and effective way to deal with verbal attacks and negativity.

This art is inspired by the practice and philosophy of Japanese martial Aikido. The assailant and defender are perceived as “partners” rather than “adversaries.” There is therefore neither winner nor loser.

The Ai-ki (harmonizing energy) path allows verbal aggression to be directed towards positive and balanced outcomes.

Ai - Convergence/Balance
Ki - Energy/Spirit
Do - Way/Path

The practice of Verbal Aikido consists of three fundamental steps:

  1. Recenter, get in alignment with yourself.
    « Inner Smile »
  2. Position yourself to better understand the other.
    « Irimi »
  3. Propose a complementary direction, rebalancing the energy of the relationship.
    « Ai-ki »

Through exercises and repetitive practice, self-discipline and thoughtfully measured intent, an assertive yet caring style of communication develops.

Enhance your ability to deal with verbal attacks and negativity in a simple and effective way.

Go from conflict to conversation!

◦ Accessible to all from age 10 up
◦ Caring and fun environment
◦ No experience required

Verbal Aikido™ since 2009

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