From conflict to conversation

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After 10 years of development, the Practitioner’s Guide to Verbal Aikido® has finally arrived in paperback and e-book. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of events & forthcoming publications.

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Le livre est actuellement en cours de traduction. Il apparaîtra en français en 2021.

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Aside from e-book and paperback in English, From Conflict to Conversation is currently being translated into French and will also be available as an audiobook in 2021. Sign up for release date information and offers.


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An English audiobook is in production. We hope to make it available for you by December 21st 2020.

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After training in Verbal Aikido I was empowered to approach conflictual situations serenely. I am no longer afraid to dialogue with people who attack me verbally. Before I had no idea how resolve a conflict, but that was before!”


Alessia Vonau


Verbal Aikido is a very powerful and useful approach in everyday life, in contexts where we feel aggression against us.


Arturo Restrepo

Agile Coach

My motivation for pursuing Verbal Aikido is the self-mastery of redirecting these verbal conflict skirmishes without harming someone with my own words.


Pattie Porter

Conflict Management Consultant
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