Verbal Aikido – Orange Belt has arrived!

Even if you haven’t read Volume 1 (Green Belt), the latest Verbal Aikido handbook is specifically designed so you can jump right in, and explore this practical and peaceful approach to dealing with:

  • Front Cover framed - small Orange beltpeople who always want to be ‘right’,
  • passive aggressive behaviour,
  • persistent attackers,
  • your own ‘inner’ attacks,
  • multiple attackers,
  • energy vampires,
  • verbal humiliation…


Richard Small sensei, 4th dan aikidoka comments:

How would it feel if, in the middle of chaos and conflict, you could at will find inner peace? It is yours for the finding. With open heart and mind please read this book; indeed it is far more than a book, it is a light shining brightly upon the path ahead and guiding your own learning to a better, happier place.

If you’re not yet able to get delivered by Amazon (US, UK, France), just contact us and we’ll make sure a copy gets to you safely. The Kindle version is also available  in print replica format for all Kindle fire tablets and reading apps – just type ‘Verbal Aikido Orange’ into your Amazon search.

Looking forward to hearing your own views soon!

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