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Verbal Aikido: Green Belt arrived on book shelves in March 2013 and was the first in a series of books on practical conflict transformation. Volume 2 (Orange Belt) was released in November 2015. Volume 3 (White Belt) and The Verbal Stretching Handbook will be appearing as soon as I get my notes together!

Green Belt is the introductory volume to the “art of directing verbal attacks to a balanced outcome” (currently available in English and French). Read the reviews now! It is a comprehensive introduction to the art of Verbal Aikido: an effective and easy-to-use style of conflict management, based on the philosophy of the martial art. Indeed, with the acquisition of the three straightforward steps, you too can make interpersonal conflict and verbal attacks a thing of the past! It is now available in selected “bricks and mortar” bookshops (ISBN 1478-1980-79); for an electronic version, you can also download it for Kindle and tablets, and you can of course order it a copy from us right now – click here to buy Verbal Aikido Volume 1 for 20.95€ (+ free postage & packaging to anywhere in the world).

31SSUBfzURL._SY346_The second volume, Orange Belt, goes into more depth on topics such as persistent aggressiveness, verbal humiliation and ‘Inner’ attacks, and includes practical exercises for each chapter. It also provides a detailed overview of each the techniques covered in the two books, and daily exercises to enhance your practice and develop an easy access to your inner peace. click here to purchase Verbal Aikido Volume 2 for 24.95€ (+ free postage & packaging to anywhere in the world).

You can also order both these books through Amazon.comBarnes & NobleThe Book,, among others

Bookshops and schools, please contact us for a reduced rate on orders of 3 copies or more.

Look-whats-newFinally they have arrived! BraceletThe easiest way to remember to use the Verbal Aikido principles every day – wear the stylish bracelet!  Click here to find out more about the bracelet. Click here to get yours now.



“This is an exceptional tool for those facing the passionate business of mediating.
It gave an interesting and easy reading inside of the psychology involved in communication and some explanatory background on the possible conflict environment,”

David Caceres,  ‎Director at International Peace Studies Center of Peru

“I was very inspired and impressed by your Verbal Aikido. I look forward to spreading the word on your work and to seeing the next volume!”

Foster Gamble, Writer and Documentary Producer, “Thrive”

“Simply put, Verbal Aikido enables us to manage difficult situations both easily and effectively, brining about a benefit for all involved.”

Georges-Eric L, International Training Director

“It is a must for anyone who wants to resolve verbal attacks in a peaceful way

Romain B, Engineer, Canada.

Lots of ‘nuggets’ that actually seem to work in everyday stressful situations. Nice easy read.”


“A perfect partner for any Aikido practioner or for that matter any martial artist who wants to diffuse possible confrontation in a very controlled calm manner.”


41p1s6c9JDLOther titles (well, other title…)

On an (almost) entirely different topic, the one-to-one approach that wowed trainees is now available too. “The Language Teacher’s Handbook Vol.1” is an easy-to-use guide on how to create exceptional levels of implication and motivation in one-to-one language training.

You can find it in paperback or Kindle version on Amazon, just click on your local Amazon site below:

UK & Ireland
United States

…or simply type “Luke Archer” into any Amazon search bar. Happy reading, and remember to leave a comment  🙂


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One thought on “The Books

  1. Hello! I just started reading your VA Vol. 1 book and am finding it very interesting. I wonder if you planned to provide an Italian translation of the book. I am also curious to know how would you consider to take one of your live Seminars in Italy next spring.
    Thank you for your attention. I look forward to reading from you soon.
    Kindest Regards,
    Federico Antich, Esq.
    Ki AiKiDoist
    Firenze, Italia

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