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Verbal Aikido workshop in Paris Sat & Sun, Sept 22-23

Learn to manage verbal attacks peacefully & effectively  Verbal attacks in daily life are more common than we think and take many forms – whether it’s our boss, a family member or a complete stranger criticising us, humiliating us or trying to lay a guilt trip on us.

Like most people, our response is often to fight back, flee or even freeze in the face of such attacks. But there is another, more positive way to respond using Verbal Aikido.

Based on the philosophy of the Japanese martial art Aikido of never responding to force with force, Verbal Aikido helps you develop an inner confidence that allows you to manage conflicts peacefully and effectively for the benefit of all parties involved.

If you are interested in learning more, join our workshop in Paris on Sept. 22-23 (Sat-Sun) with Luke Archer, founder of Verbal Aikido, and his team. The workshop will be conducted in both English and French.

At the workshop, you will practice verbal stretching and sparring in a safe environment, training yourself to actually welcome conflict as an opportunity to deepen your practice.

“After training in Verbal Aikido, I was empowered to approach conflictual situations serenely…Today, I am no longer afraid to enter into dialogue with people who attack me verbally. Before I had no idea how to resolve a conflict. But that was before!”  Alessia V


When: Sept. 22-23 (Sat. & Sun.) Time: 10 am-5:30 pm Where: 58 bis, rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris

Sponsor: The workshops are sponsored by Crowe Risk Consulting, a global firm committed to diversity, inclusion and a great workplace.

Participation fee: €110 for one day or €175 for both days. Early bird fee: €99 euros or €160 for both days, if you sign up by Wed., Sept. 12.

Click here to reserve your spot. If you are only signing up for one day, we recommend you join the Saturday class.

Participants who join both days will be eligible for a Green Bracelet, which certifies they have mastered the basics of Verbal Aikido, including enhanced listening skills and the ability to manage a conflict without force.

Facebook event here.

Questions? Please contact us here.