So many ways to extend your Ai-ki @ AE2018

We’re delighted to be involved for the third time in the Aiki Extended Seminars on September 15th & 16th this year. If you haven’t yet heard of this exceptional event, you’re definitely missing out ! You can find us there on the Saturday at 3:20pm and the Sunday morning at 9:30.

The themes for the two workshops this year will be:

  • “Are you talking to yourself as a friend?”
  • “Reasons to be grateful for verbal attacks”

Personally, I’m looking forward to attending such a variety of seminars on how I can further extend my aikido practice from the mat to the world. Please check out the event website here for the who, where, when and everything else you need to know.

Can you just imagine the conversations we get into at dinner!?! In any case, you’re very welcome to join us (if there are tickets left) otherwise, make sure look out for it again next year!

Peace out


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