Online Verbal Dojo for English speakers

Starting Wednesday October 4th at 4:30pm Paris time (10:30am EST) the Verbal Aikido Online Dojo is a weekly event… in English!  You can now finally bring your real-life cases to spar with, meet other practionners, discover new techniques and above all keep up your practice!

Just like in the dojos the sequence of activities is:

  1. Opening salutation (≈20 seconds)
  2. Centering (≈5 minutes)
  3. Verbal Stretching (≈30 minutes)
  4. Technical demonstration or case illustration (≈5 minutes)
  5. Sparring – bidirectional exchanges on the verbal mat (≈40 minutes)
  6. Centering (≈5 minutes)
  7. Closing salutation (≈20 seconds)

How can you participate? Simply join us for a free trial session in our Zoom room – If you’re new to Zoom, give yourself 10 minutes before the start time to get familiarized. You may even find your Verbal Aikido Instructor there for any questions you may have.

You can also sign up directly from as little as 60€ for a month, three months or a year’s subscription at our online store! For more flexible hours and personalized accompaniment, try our Individual Coaching sessions from 48,50€/h

I guess you know well by now: there’s no magic to Verbal Aikido – it’s regular practice that makes it work! I’ll be seeing y’all real soon now, on the virtual mat!

Peace out  🙂


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