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Luke ArcherMy name is Luke Archer and I’m an Irish-born teacher trainer and public speaker on communication, conflict management, and pedagogy. I moved to France in 1995, where after almost twenty years of teaching and learning management, I founded Betterfly France, a teaching institute based in Lyon.

I’ve had the privilege to work with a wide range of groups and individuals: from underprivileged children and university students to teachers and CEOs of multinational firms. I’m profoundly convinced that a balance in interpersonal relations, both personal and professional, enable a more proficient means to share and acquire knowledge, skills and personal development.

I discovered Aikido in 1997 and immediately fell in love with its philosophy as an ‘Art of Peace’. 10 years later, when a client asked us to develop an approach to dealing with conflict in the classroom, I immediately turned to Aikido, and embarked on the adventure that brought to life an off-the-mat and fun-to-learn approach to managing conflict, through our Verbal Aikido training as well as the book and blog.

My professional activity is centered on maieutic project accompaniment, pedagogical development and Verbal Aikido training (which we’ve been innovating and pioneering since 2008). With Betterfly, we have helped enhance and perfect the pedagogical tools for hundreds of teachers and numerous schools who continue to call on our competencies to design student-based learning programs and develop innovative communication strategies.”

Click to download a PDF of the article about Luke in Work Style International Magazine summer 2014.

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4 thoughts on “Luke Archer

  1. Bonjour Luke,

    J’ai regardé avec intérêt votre vidéo TedX très inspirante et révélatrice. Je me suis dit que vous pourriez être intéressé à participer à la convention de l’association des conférenciers professionnels à la fin du mois d’Aout à Paris. Cela peut être l’occasion, si vous le souhaiter de développer cette activité, qui en dehors du cadre de TedX correspond à un véritable marché avec une demande récurrente de la part des entreprises.

    Voici le site plus détaillé de l’événement :

    Si cela peut vous intéresser, appelez-moi, je vous donner toute les informations.

    Bien cordialement,

    Bastien Politi
    +33 6 35 38 37 67

    1. Merci Bastien
      Malheureusement nous avons une rentrée très chargée ici, et un emploie du temps complet jusqu’à la journée internationale de la paix (21/09). On aura surement l’opportunité d’en reparler pour une prochaine fois. Bien cordialement. LA

  2. Hi Luke,
    Sounds very interesting and self enhancing. I’m a teacher here in France as well as a writer and I realise how fundamental communication is not only through speech. Ill read your article and try and get to your workshop. Thanks! Sonia

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