Inner attacks

OK, I know this is more ‘orange-belt’ stuff than ‘green-belt’ but our inner voice is something that we can work on from even an early age. Take for example those times when you can’t find your keys, etc. How does your inner voice speak to you on these occasions? Do you sometimes hear a criticizing, blaming or accusing tone?

Well, in orange belt training (book out soonish) we also work on ‘orienting’ that voice. You may wonder where your inner voice originated, but that is something for a whole nother exercise 😉 The deshi in Verbal Aikido works on intercepting the flow of any inner attacks and administering effectively the three steps.

Again, the key element in the practice is the focus on ‘deliberate intention’, so the intention in this exercise is to develop an inner voice that speaks to you as would a friend (reaction ‘X’). We can start by asking ourselves: “How would a true friend speak to us if we couldn’t find our keys?” (or any other action or non-action that our inner voice presently attacks us about).

Here’s how the whole exercise goes:

FYI, this can also be done ‘post-attack’ for reference. This approach corresponds somewhat to the martial aikido movement of Irimi Nage (na-gai) wherein the aikidoka blends into the space of the attacker (uke), then orients and projects him towards a gravity-bound direction. In Verbal Aikido, this entering projection is not bound by gravity and the most advantageous direction to project is often higher (i.e. positive) rather than lower.

See more blog posts or activities here, or check out this great howcast to see Irimi Nage in action:

irimi nage
Gracious thanks to The New York Aikikai

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