With our workshops, regular courses and individual coaching, you’ll quickly be able to handle any verbal aggression with serene confidence! Verbal Aikido can be practiced by anyone from 5 to 105 years old, and after a few hours of training, you’ll recognize an increased capacity to easily manage exchanges with :

  • jealous colleagues
  • vicious classmates
  • difficult members of the family
  • tyrannical leaders
  • slandering neighbors
  • angry spouses
  • insolent children
  • unreasonable customers…

What does this training concretely do?

All participants develop their capacity to TRANSFORM CONFLICTS into balanced outcomes in three steps:

  1. Maintaining a stable and serene position when faced with a verbal attack
  2. Accompanying and disarming the attack through the use of protected empathy
  3. Re-balancing an exchange allowing the other to save face

Verbal Aikido CS002 EN

We provide :

  • regular training throughout the year,
  • workshops in Lyon, Paris and around Europe
  • Verbal Aikido for Kids
  • Individual Coaching

Go directly to our workshops to register or for more information.

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