Virtual Tatami

Are you ready to offer your hand ?

Hand’s Online Virtual Tatami (or sparring mat) exists to receive examples of aggressive verbalisms, such as objections, accusations, blame or judgment and so on. It is a virtual space where you can bring or propose your ‘attacks’ to be received by Verbal Aikido and the practice of this art as proposed in Verbal Aikido: The art of directing verbal attacks to a balanced outcome. Simply leave your words in the box below, or propose ‘Irimi’ for the attacks that have been posted.

Some notes on annotation

‘Att.’= Attacker/Aïte, ‘Aik.’ = Aikdoist/deshi
‘[…]’ = transcription for the use of the Inner Smile.
[***]’ = transcription of a destabilization during an exchange.
‘[—]’ = transcription for a (possible) energy balance (Ai-ki) during an exchange.

For example:

Att.: You stupid xxxx
Aik.: […] I see, but could you describe me in just one word?
Att.: [Obscenity]!!!
Aik.: […] I’m sure you can find more than that!
Att.: [***] Euh, sure, I’ve got loads!
Aik.: […] Hey, I bet we can find hundreds for both of us if we put our heads together, wanna try?

Simply leave a text starting with “Att:” in the comments box below.

10 thoughts on “Virtual Tatami

  1. Att: when you are talking you are not working
    (waves index finger in air in a circular motion to indicate “hurry up”

  2. I’m sorry, no offence meant, could you explain what you mean in greater, more meaningful depth please, my mum always said it was good to talk and be friendly . . . be on good terms, she said,with all you meet. So I want to do the right thing by you as well as my dear late mother.


    Oh, I just love those little hand signals, do you know any others?

  3. ‘I am a qualified behavioural scientist and have read all about Skinner and behaviourism – you were (most likely) in high school when I qualified.

    You don’t know who you’re talking to and neither do you care’

    1. 1. “I see, so you have a great deal more experience than me in this domain?” (doesn’t really matter what the response to this is…)
      2. “So tell me more about who I’m talking to… (and maybe we can get to know each other better)”

  4. (During conversations about a student I’ve known a long time, I shared an insight with Attacker, who is brand new to meeting this student) In response to my statements about student:
    Att: “or not”.

    Aik: “sometimes N likes to argue”.
    Att: “or not” accompanied by unsmiling stare

    Aik: “When N is upset, he does well with notes instead of verbal directions”
    Att: “or not”

    1. Att:”or not”
      Aik:”[…] There is always that possibility, indeed… so how do you see things?”
      Att:”Well, not exactly the way you do!”
      Aik:”Excellent! A new set of eyes – tell me, what have you noticed?
      Att:”Well, X, Y, Z”
      Aik:”Great, and how do you think we should deal with that?”
      Aik:”In any case, I’m sure if we combine our unique perspectives, plus our capacity to find a solution, we’ll work something out in the end, what do you think?”

  5. Att: ‘you made comments in an email and in person that were negative, confrontational, assertive, aggressive, demanding, entitled, unprofessional and overfamiliar’

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