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Online Verbal Dojo for English speakers

Starting Wednesday October 4th at 4:30pm Paris time (10:30am EST) the Verbal Aikido Online Dojo is a weekly event… in English!  You can now finally bring your real-life cases to spar with, meet other practionners, discover new techniques and above all keep up your practice!

Just like in the dojos the sequence of activities is:

  1. Opening salutation (≈20 seconds)
  2. Centering (≈5 minutes)
  3. Verbal Stretching (≈30 minutes)
  4. Technical demonstration or case illustration (≈5 minutes)
  5. Sparring – bidirectional exchanges on the verbal mat (≈40 minutes)
  6. Centering (≈5 minutes)
  7. Closing salutation (≈20 seconds)

How can you participate? Simply join us for a free trial session in our Zoom room – If you’re new to Zoom, give yourself 10 minutes before the start time to get familiarized. You may even find your Verbal Aikido Instructor there for any questions you may have.

You can also sign up directly from as little as 60€ for a month, three months or a year’s subscription at our online store! For more flexible hours and personalized accompaniment, try our Individual Coaching sessions from 48,50€/h

I guess you know well by now: there’s no magic to Verbal Aikido – it’s regular practice that makes it work! I’ll be seeing y’all real soon now, on the virtual mat!

Peace out  🙂


Back-to-school special

Hello dear Aikidoists,
I hope you’re brimming with serene confidence and inner-peace this September after a well-deserved vacation. But even if it seems like it’s just a distant memory now, you’ll be delighted to know that we have a special offer for you to give you that little extra bit of zenitude for this often hectic time of year.

FOrange belt special offeror our US & UK Verbal Aikido followers, between September 3rd (8:00 am PST/GMT),  and September 6th (4:00 pm) you can download your very own Verbal Aikido Orange Belt Kindle Version for only $2.99/£1.99 – that’s 65% off the list price!

If you miss this opportunity, fret ye not, you can still avail of a 40% discount ($4.99/£2.99) until September 10th at 12 midnight. But that’s not all…

Intro to Verbal StretchingWhen we first introduced Verbal Stretching into the workshops and trainings it was an instant success. Unfortunately Volume 1 (Green Belt) was already set for printing and, even though Verbal Stretching has become regular practice for everyone novice level to instructorship,  it only got covered in Volume 2.

So to make up for this, you can now download this full-colour introduction to Verbal Stretching for free! Woohoo 😀 

Please enter your name and email and click on the button below for your free download:

Peace out all,


Start your own Verbal Aikido club!

Finally you can start your own Practice Club or Verbal Dojo! site

Our new membership site has just opened its doors with everything you need to get started in the Verbal Aikido International community.

Take the time to discover the VAP Tour and bring it to a city near you!

You’ll be able to try out the Virtual Dojo too (coming soon).

And let us know what you think too 🙂

Peace out


Boost your days…

Hey how are you doing ? No really, how are you feeling today ?!

Now, thanks to our all new web app “The Intention Generator (beta)” you can explore your emotions just a little further and boost your day with a choice of intentions specially selected for you!

Boost your lifeA big thank you to Nicolas from ngweb who made it all possible. It’s still in beta testing so your comments and feedback are more than welcome 🙂 Enjoy!


It’s the intention that counts, and it starts with just one word.

So what was your intention today? What do you mean you didn’t even think of it!?!? OK well I guess it’s fine for now, but by the end of this article you’ll have every reason to sense to the power of your intention, and feel it every single day!in-my-hands-1561426-640x480

As mentioned in a previous post about daily intention exercises (Davies), working on your deliberate intention is a key factor in your success with Verbal Aikido. Being able to implement and hold your intention faced with an attack not ony puts you a step ahead of your partner, but gives a higher level of mastery in the overall exchange.

INtentionI would even go so far as to say that the more you work on your own intentions, the more other people’s intentions (or lack thereof) become clearer too. Just call it a bonus effect!

“Yeah but, how can I really work on my intentions?” – It’s easy enough, just choose a constructive direction you’d like to develop with your actions throughout your day.

“Yeah but, what if I fail?” – Fail what? The beauty of this exercise is that all you need to do is to feel, find, recognize, understand and/or develop your intention as much as you can. There is no failure, no success… unless of course you give yourself a personal goal

VA calen preview“Yeah but what if don’t have any ideas for a daily intention?” – Ahhh, well now you’ve presented me with an opportunity to give you a present!

Click here to download your brand new 2016 Intentions Calendar, suggesting a word a day. That’s 366 ideas to enhance your daily actions and develop your power of deliberate intention. What are you waiting for!

Intention Mug preview ENI must admit, personally I do like to have a morning reminder to help me as I’m sipping on my coffee. If you too would like to have one of these helpful mugs, and set yourself on the right tracks first thing in the morning… just let me know!

Peace out