Back-to-school special

Hello dear Aikidoists,
I hope you’re brimming with serene confidence and inner-peace this September after a well-deserved vacation. But even if it seems like it’s just a distant memory now, you’ll be delighted to know that we have a special offer for you to give you that little extra bit of zenitude for this often hectic time of year.

FOrange belt special offeror our US & UK Verbal Aikido followers, between September 3rd (8:00 am PST/GMT),  and September 6th (4:00 pm) you can download your very own Verbal Aikido Orange Belt Kindle Version for only $2.99/£1.99 – that’s 65% off the list price!

If you miss this opportunity, fret ye not, you can still avail of a 40% discount ($4.99/£2.99) until September 10th at 12 midnight. But that’s not all…

Intro to Verbal StretchingWhen we first introduced Verbal Stretching into the workshops and trainings it was an instant success. Unfortunately Volume 1 (Green Belt) was already set for printing and, even though Verbal Stretching has become regular practice for everyone novice level to instructorship,  it only got covered in Volume 2.

So to make up for this, you can now download this full-colour introduction to Verbal Stretching for free! Woohoo 😀 

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Peace out all,


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