What you do with aikido

The best way to really develop your practice of Verbal Aikido is to, well… practice ! You can contact us to find out more about our workshops and training, or get the books for a more in depth view!

If you’re not yet ready to practice (or you’re waiting for your copy of the book to arrive!) here’s a selection of our readings that will set you truly on your way to managing verbal attacks and conflict:



Physical and verbal attacks: recognizing the form they take enables greater mastery.

Fight or flight: How do you react to an attack?

Can we really interrupt our reactions?

FAQManaging conflict with The Three Steps

So what’s this Inner Smile about anyway?

Can we protect ourselves through/with/thanks to empathy ?

Verbal accompaniment with the principles of aikido – “Irimi” (Step 2)

Verbal stretching – Is everybody a selfish hypocrytical manipulator?

Verbal Immunity Check-up


Online Virtual Mat (tatami)

50 ways to dodge a verbal bullet 

Contact details for 400+ active peace institutes and organizations from around the globe

Destabilization explained

Destabilize a verbal attack – the meaning prod technique.

Discover Your Conflict Management Style(s) with our new free online quiz [Sorry, this quiz needs to be repaired, thank you for your patience]


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